“Time is not constant. It can be manipulated, stretched, stopped and even reversed.”

ÉLÉVATIONE™ is a leading international boutique experience brand, that was born from the idea that beauty goes beyond skin deep.  We believe beauty is a concept and a method of expression. Beauty is art, art is beauty, and the ÉLÉVATIONE™ woman is a masterpiece.

With the luxurious touch of decadent skin care and cosmetic treatments, the ÉLÉVATIONE™ woman will feel better, look lovelier and exude the kind of confidence that can only come from knowing she’s lifted up a little higher than the rest.

ÉLÉVATIONE™’s luxury skincare products are inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous artwork known as ‘El Triomf I el Rodoli de la Gala I en Dali’ (The Triumph and Couplet of Gala and Dali), a magnificent piece of art which illustrates the flexibility of time.

The ÉLÉVATIONE™ experience is available all over the world, in major locations ranging from the flagship boutique in London to Hong Kong.


We are located at 26 Brook Street, Mayfair, situated in a beautiful four-story townhouse. Boasting 12 luxury treatment rooms we offer non-invasive treatments such as Skin-tightening, Anti-Aging, Acne Clearance, Body contouring, Hair removal as well as ÉLÉVATIONE skincare products and accessories.

At ÉLÉVATIONE Spa Boutique we focus on individually designed treatments so on your first visit we will conduct a full skin analysis and consultation that offers a detailed assessment of your skin and skin health. This is the perfect opportunity for you to express any skin concerns you may have with our skin specialist.

We will assess your skin using advanced UV and digital technology imaging, which exposes signs of damage and/or ageing both on and beneath the skin. Through this our specialists will analyse your pores, wrinkles, UV spots, Porphyrin (acne bacteria) and your skin age. Based on the results we will design a tailored treatment and care plan for you that will help improve overall aesthetic appearance of your skin.